Analog Dope is an independent music label and a space for Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Photographers and Innovators to connect, learn & build.  We provide artistic and business development for creatives of all kinds.

Analog Dope began in 2015 as the brainchild of Hip Hop Artist / Producer Analog LUST to provide a space for creatives, music and film enthusiast to connect.  Analog Dope was created for those who appreciate the process of creating, the craft and the soul. Analog Dope is for the Audio Engineer that still feels comfort in the warmth of music recorded on 2 inch tape.  For the Producer that still uses and swears by that beat up and tagged MPC 2000. For the Songwriter that still actually uses a pen and pad and is inspired by the simple things.  For the DJ that still totes crates and spins vinyl. For the filmmakers and photographers that still uses film.  In the midst of a digital revolution there are those that still crave the Analog spirit and feeling.  

Analog Dope was created for you, the Purist.  More than just a signal or a sound wave, Analog is a vibe, a frequency that can be tuned into.  

Analog is a State of Mind.  

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