Analog State of Mind: 'Mostly Dope' by Sir Neale Hurston


By Sir Neale Hurston - West Massive EMCEE

Music has always been accessible, from the local airwaves to my grandfather's guitar. When I chose to create as an emcee; I never thought my efforts would place me in countries my physical body has never been. This is how 'Mostly Dope' was created, by changing what was accessible to me and expanding my imagination to a global scale. Like a seed drenched in water the two forces create what nature naturally allows. In this case the nature of California emcee Neale Hurston and the production of German class producer Danny Sierra gives what hip-hop naturally allows. Pure fire. Together our love for hip-hop creates our heavy hitting sound reminiscent off Swizz Beatz and the Ruff Ryders era.  Danny keeps a classic rapid-fire production style that highlights my quick cadence and witt. 'Mostly Dope' is more than dope, It’s what hip-hop built. 

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Sir Neale Hurston, the San Diego Emcee representative of the universe. Zenith emcee. Child of the Zulu Nation. Egypt Smooth. Afro'Punk alumni.