How Analog LUST's "Activate" Video Illustrates Melanin as a Superpower

“They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds”

Analog LUST_Activate_Gold.png

The thrilling concept behind Analog LUST’s new video “Activate” is that Melanin is the superpower to surmount oppression. In the video Analog’s head is shown sprouted from the soil, beaming golden melanated skin. This visual represents the ones that have been buried, dirt thrown on their names and legacies tainted because of difference. They have become the seeds that were planted for future generations to prosper.

The afrofuturistic video exemplifies the strength and magic of the black community, the empowerment of our youth and the collective consciousness of melanated people.

Marley_Activate My Melanin

As Marley, the beautiful chocolate girl adorned in African clothing who portrays the younger version of Analog mouths, “they used to tell me I was too black, stay out the sun..” an army of melanted youth march by her side and you feel the power! Images of black children presented as royalty is something we rarely see and it speaks volumes.

The Future_Activate My Melanin.jpg

The song itself, no doubt activates something within you. The visual is bold, colorful and full of all shades of melanin! It’s a powerful video to share and enjoy with the whole family over and over again. Activate!

Video Dir. by Bobbie Mullins & JJon

Edited by JJon

“Activate” Available everywhere now