Analog State of Mind: Analog vs. Digital by Dap Daniel


By Dap Daniel - Producer | Audio Engineer | Hip Hop Artist 

Is there much of a difference? I say hell yeah! In my opinion a computer can never match the feel of what is more of a hands on experience. I'm from the era where you had to really DO STUFF to really MAKE IT DO WHAT IT DO. In some ways I think it made us more appreciative of the creative process and of course more enthused about the creation. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the benefits of a faster or easier way to do things the digital era provides. What I am saying is with most things when they become easier there can be a Diminishing Marginal Utility involved and the effects of that can lead to everything sounding to programmed so-to-speak. Keep in mind these are all opinions of an 80's child :).  HAPPY CREATING!