Rideout: Music, Purpose & Sacrifice


In a time where the subject for most mainstream rappers is materialism and misogyny,  there are still some artist who understand there is purpose behind their words.  These are the artist we will follow on Analog Dope as they create their best music in the purest form. 

This is a short clip of Las Vegas native and Hip Hop Artist Rideout as he continues his journey of music, purpose & sacrifice recording new music at Digital Insight Recording Studio in Las Vegas, NV.

Audio Engineer: Tiger Stylez

Producers: Token, Analog LUST

Video: Analog LUST

Label: LIFE Ent. 

IG: @iamrideout

󾟹Watch, Comment, Share, Repost!󾟹Those who are near and dear to me understand my passion and love for my music. I realized God gives us everything we need in order to follow our dreams and be successful, We just need to BELIEVE and TRUST HIM. Now I know, and there isn't ANY more room for doubt! Join Me on my Journey!󾆐󾠓󾠔󾠀󾠁󾭻#TheFrequency #RideoutWitMe #LIFEent #DigitalInsight #DoWork #HaveFaith #BePatient #Vegashiphop #702HipHop #Vegas #Video #IamRideout

Posted by Reginald Rideout on Monday, November 16, 2015