Analog State of Mind: Tape to Tape by Issac Sawyer


By Isaac Sawyer - Artist | Producer | Hip Hop Enthusiast

In 2015 it seems like everybody has a program on their laptop to make music with. That's not a bad thing at all. Not too long ago it wasn't like that, you had to actually get physical hardware to work on music. Although this new age of easily accessible technology has made it convenient to create a beat on the spot. You had to dig deep for new sounds or just create your own. When I began my journey into the music world. I credit my Dad for being the impetus for my endeavors because he was a DJ and mixtape enthusiast. I was using his Gemini mixer to sample with. And before I had any kind of beat machine I would use this really old keyboard with limited sounds. I didn't have any audio cords to plug in so I would use a microphone and sit it directly on top of the keyboard speaker and record beats by going from tape to tape. Back then it was a challenge because I didn't have enough to invest in a four track, so when I recorded layers I would have to start the beat at a high-speed because it would get slower with every layer. So sometimes the finished product was a very chopped and screwed minus the chopped part. Not only would it be slow it would be extremely staticky. It sounded like angry snakes inside the boom box. Also you would have to deal with things like the tape being eaten and the beat just disappearing forever into oblivion. I lost some really cool sounds that way. That's why technology evolves so that these mistakes can get corrected. Looking back, even though things like that would happen it was part of the process. It would push you to make something better. There's no way you can replicate the analog sound. My journey with creating music is forever tied to the analog world. The next generation will never know the joy and pain of recording sounds on a cassette.

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About the Issac Sawyer:

Isaac Sawyer is an artist born in Las Vegas and based out of Harlem. Venues such as The House of Blues (Las Vegas), The Airliner (California), and The Bitter End (New York) can attest to the fact that he is unstoppable.

Aside from being a solo artist, you can also find him being the lead man of Jazz/Funk group BMD (alongside Grammy award wining guitarist, Dr. Jorge Aervalo.)


IG: isawyer_