Analog State of Mind: 'Words Have Meaning' by Charlie

I was always searching for something; acceptance mainly. I have never fit in anywhere. Even sometimes with my own siblings, I was always the odd ball. You could find me in a corner by myself with a notebook and the sweet sounds of Sade. I carried a notebook with me everywhere. I always felt like I was one step away from writing the greatest song the world has ever known. One step closer to making my dreams happen so I could take care of my family. That was my dream and still is. I would set a goal of writing at least 10 songs a day. And I would for the most part. I would get writers block, put it down and pick it back up again. Sometimes I would work on a song for weeks at a time. That's the art of writing. You may not always have the right words in a moment but eventually, they “flow” to you.

Writing was my escape. I used my words to create a world where I could be anybody I wanted to be. Anything I ever wanted to do, I  did it through writing. Something about the way words are placed together.  The power of creating an understanding, even through silence, forming an image or a feeling or manifesting a smile. It is warm and sweet and feels like Christmas used to feel when we were children. Or like a hot summers night in June, resting by a lake watching the bright blazing stars accent the midnight blue skies. It evokes the depths of you to come forth to be spotlighted for everyone to see;Vulnerability.

Writing, for me, is everything.

Charlie is a singer / songwriter and the first artist on Analog Dope. Her debut release "Saturn" is available now on her website and all online outlets.  The "Saturn" EP is a beautiful blend of words and sounds guaranteed to send you to another dimension.