Kanye: The Revolution of the Free Thinker

“Live long enough to see yourself become the villain”


Kanye started tweeting again a couple weeks ago.  His tweets were mostly about love, creativity, art and ideas.  Then, he tweeted he loved Trump, “He is my brother. I love everyone.”  All of sudden, here we go, Ye’s off the deep end again.  It was cool for him to tweet about love until “love” and “Trump” ended up in the same tweet, then all that love bullshit went out the window.   Let the drag party begin. 

Let me start by saying, this is neither a praise nor a condemnation of Kanye’s actions, this is my observation of what society does to a person that exercises 'free thought'.  I don’t believe Kanye is against “us”. Kanye has the same views we all do and is fighting against the same oppression we all are. However, Kanye is radical, always has been and always will be. His tactics are different and something we’ve never seen before, so our immediate response is resistance.  Of course it appears as if one of our own heroes has switched sides and is now the villain posing with the enemy in their uniform. I was pissed off too! Confused really. But that’s an initial emotional response. After that emotion subsided, I started to think, what is he really doing? What I see happening is someone sacrificing themselves for the overall greater consciousness of love. Not some democrat or republican political agenda, not black and white, but love. He’s not on “their” side. He’s stepping foot into their arena to let them know he’s not afraid to 1. Listen to their ideas and 2. Challenge them to do better.

He’s probably the only person on the planet at this present time that can and is willing to do this.   Some of us choose to march, some of us kneel, some vent on social media, some pray. Now, one of us has walked up to the oppressor, looked him in the eye and is saying, I love you, you are me and I am you, let’s make this better. He’s moving in love, not fear, not anger, not judgement, not hate.  He’s thinking outside of the paradigm.  In our world, this sometimes equates to being the villain. 

On an even more important note, we are living in a crucial evolutionary time. We are witnessing revolution and civil wars in real time in the palm of our hands.  The coveted technologies that distract and stifle the average human’s daily productivity are being used as weapons on the human psyche.  Social media platforms have transformed into behavior modification tools that we have willingly submitted to.  A celebrity’s likeness meme’d with this week’s popular catch phrase falls aimlessly into our timelines 15 times a day.  Even if you don’t believe what the meme portrays, you’ve seen it so many times, your visual cortex has processed it and it’s stored in the brain.   We think we are free thinkers, we are not.  We are told what to think by algorithms created from information about ourselves we offer generously on social media post and search engines.   We share and repost nonfactual information daily because someone else shared and reposted it.  If someone is angry about what a celebrity said, we’re all angry without even knowing why we’re angry. 

As I watch groups on social media crucify Kanye for his free thought, I can’t help but wonder, who’s really the villain?   Is Kanye the villain for his idea that extending love to a villain may actually begin to rectify a problem or are we the villains for cursing and dragging him for it? 

Think about it.

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Rachelle "Analog LUST" Luster is a Hip Hop Artist, Producer and Creator of Analog Dope.  She holds an Associate of Science Degree in Music Production and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from The Los Angeles Film School.