Digital Brain, Analog Soul: The HyBrid Creative

            If you were born in the late 70's, early 80's you're a rare breed I like to call Analog Babies. Analog Babies are a product of the analog era, but are able to integrate the state of mind and feel of analog vibes with today’s digital landscape.  This is a gift.  We're not too young to remember what records felt like in the 70’s and 80’s, and neither too old to seamlessly adapt to the millennial paradigm shift of technology.  I do recall a point in time, when music software was emerging at a very fast pace and it made us analog babies cringe.  We desperately needed to hold on to our sound modules, that hella heavy ASR-10 and DAT tapes for dear life.  Some of my artist and producer friends welcomed the shift with open arms. Why wouldn’t they?  The shift into digital music platforms came with less equipment maintenance, faster recording and editing capabilities and the ability to produce high quality recordings from the comfort of your bedroom. 

            I am thankful that my generation didn’t completely abandon the analog concepts that trained our ears to know what “real” music sounds like.  The resonant frequencies from the records and cassette tapes our parents and grandparents played are tattooed in our souls. There are some of us that have an analog soul and a digital brain.  We live on this astral plane of creative freedom where synergy can take you higher than you’ve ever imagined.  We’re not stuck in the past, nor trying to forget the nutrients in our roots.   We understand that analog is the soul and digital is the brain.  We are the hybrid creatives that have taken the best of both analog and digital concepts to raise the consciousness of sound and vibration.   

This is Analog Dope!

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Rachelle "Analog LUST" Luster is a Hip Hop Artist, Producer and Creator of Analog Dope.  She holds an Associate of Science Degree in Music Production and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from The Los Angeles Film School.