Analog LUST

Creator of A. D. | Artist | Producer

analog LUST is an mC, producer and a visionary.   She created Analog Dope as platform to develop and educate indie artist in music and business.  

Visual Monsters

Photography | Film | Editing

Visual Monsters, Gaudy Glitch and Freelance. The two comprise a Wife x Wife artist collective that create breathtaking visuals for brands and artists. 

Charlie Muse

Singer | Songwriter

Charlie is an artist, a dreamer and an inspiration to her hometown Akron, OH. She writes and sings from the heart with one goal in mind, to INSPIRE!

Duwop Rose The Vinylist

Vinyl DJ | Graphic Designer

Perfecting the lost art of Vinyl DJ'ing, Duwop discovered her calling on the Las Vegas Music Scene years ago and has been making Hip Hop History ever since.  

Supply Culture Collective


Supply culture is a collective of artist who build together, to grow together.

Reggie Rideout

MC | Visionary

A rare native of Las Vegas, NV, Rideout is a lyrical beast with his own mystique. His music reveals the complexities of being born  & raised behind the lights. 

Neale Hurston

Emcee | Author | Human Rights Activist

Neale is an artist that takes MC'ing back to it's pure roots. Neale's creates music, writings and visual edits that are provocative, bold and unapologetically BLACK!